Pink Biomorph on Red and Peacock Pearls

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This pink Biomorph with little prongs is hung on a string of dyed cultured pearls.

The Biomorph jewellery is inspired by the art and ideas of Desmond Morris; Biomorphs being not quite plant, not quite animal, but something in between, a unique form. No two pieces of jewellery are ever the same as each one is hand formed from sheet silver and the resin is dyed separately.

Necklace Length - 17" Pendant Length - 3.5cm

Hallmarked Sterling Silver, hand-dyed resin, cultured pearls

The biomorph can be recreated in any colours you like and there are many colours of pearls to choose from, please email me at for a quote for a custom order. Please note, colours may appear slightly differently on different browsers or screens but I have done my best to show them as true to life as possible.

Biomorph Care
Biomorphs are made from hallmarked sterling silver and hand-dyed resins and will need to be treated with care to retain their appearance.
Avoid dropping on hard surfaces and clean with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. If the silver tarnishes it can be polished with an impregnated silver cleaning cloth, silver polish. This can also be used to remove light scratches from the resin and baby oil or beeswax can be used to buff it up. Take extra care not to touch the pearls during any cleaning process.

Pearl Care
Pearls are organic gemstones composed of calcium carbonate and are vulnerable to the chemicals found in cosmetics, hair spray, and perfume. To preserve your pearls radiance avoid letting them come into contact with these products by putting on your jewellery after applying make-up and styling hair. Natural body oils and perspiration can also affect the pearls lustre so wipe gently with a soft cloth after wearing and store away from other jewellery. Storing in a jewellery box or pouch will also help protect your pearls from changes in atmosphere.

You can read more about the Biomorphs here on my website - Biomorph Jewellery